About Health Connect

Patient using Health Connect

Health Connect provides a simple-to-use platform for confidential video health consultations between health professional and individuals, via video link using a computer or smart phone.

Health Connect was built with Health professionals and service users in mind. We recognise that not everyone can arrange an ‘in person’ appointment or that every patient needs one.

Doctor using Health Connect

The platform allows for increased accessibility between organisations and service users, allowing individuals with difficult working arrangements, those living in hard to reach areas or those who cannot make a physical visit due to personal circumstances the ability to meet with a professional via online video.

Through video communication, service users are connected to their healthcare team for remote consultation sessions, such as patient assessment and diagnosis, medical counselling and therapy sessions, and receive timely and appropriate care.

Health Connect enables organisations to provide a dynamic service to service users and meet the needs of their local population.


  • Secure system for making calls
  • Just as confidential as a face-to-face appointment, consultations are NOT recorded
  • Boosts efficiencies in the way you deliver

If you would have any queries about how Health Connect or want to find out how it can benefit your organisation please send us a message on our Contact Us page.